Best Way to Handle??????

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Hi Folks!

I am looking for some feedback in the best way to handle a situation that was presented recently and I can’t find an answer that works! I hope it is a situation of it “staring me in face” and easy to handle!

I have a large model with 5 years of history. The main data input matrix lists each day of the week, each product name, amount for each product on that day. To explain in the easiest way, assume that we have categories A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1.

If someone wants to just see A1, C1, F1 and someone else just wants to see D1, F1, A1, what is the best way to handle this issue? I can’t group them since they really aren’t related in any way that always is the same. Ideally, being able to click multiple items on the drop down category tile and result would be to include ONLY those items selected.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated as always!

Andy (spudmcc)


Hi Mike

I thought about using view but the downside is that a new view doesn’t impact any total fields. It adds everything up as if the collapsed items are still present.

Andy (spudmcc)


Hi – Thanks for the post.

I think you can accomplish this with views. When you are focused on the matrix, click Insert > Table View from the Quantrix menu. This will create a view of your matrix where you can collapse the items (select the items, choose Format > Item > Collapse) you don’t want to see. You can create multiple views off your matrix to get the different representations you need.

Attached is a small example.

If anyone else has a different approach for this, please feel free to post.