Summary Item override

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Dear Quantrix Users,

Using summary items in a matrix it seems to me that they have absolute eclipsing priority. That means another formula for a particular cell which is evaluated by a summary item will be ignored.

Did I miss something, or is there any way to get round this?

– Raoul


Hello Raoul – Thanks for your post.

You are correct in your observation that Summary Item formulas have absolute eclipsing priority.

A way around this is to create an item that will contain the summary in the matrix then write the formula using the sum(summary) statement. Doing it this way allows you to use the appropriate SKIP and IF statements to resolve the eclipses in the Matrix.

Attached to this post is a Quantrix Model file showing the difference between the two approaches.

A question for the Quantrix Users… Should the automatic summary items rules be relaxed? That is, should we allow the user control over how the automatic summary items eclipse other formulas?

Post your thoughts on this thread for consideration!



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