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Welcome to the Quantrix Answers Community! This is a place for Quantrix users from around the world to share their questions, knowledge, and ideas. If you are posting a question, please include any accompanying information that might be useful to the reader (for example, a demo model or screenshot). Do not include any confidential information in your posts and remember that model attachments must be zipped. If your question is answered, please provide feedback! Providing feedback can help future users understand what’s worked. Thank you for being part of the Quantrix Community!

Please Note: A Quantrix team member will review new questions before publishing to the public. We hope this will reduce unwanted posts on our site.

Product Management 72 Rep.
Posted an answer
Programmatically determine whether a cell was calculated or an input

Hello, there is currently no test for isCalculated to use with scripting. Kudos for your clever approach, you probably know that there are other reasons one might get an error on writing a cell so consider...

November 3, 20235
Posted an answer
Turn Off Word Wrap

Hi dh, Sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue. All that's needed to turn it off is to select the wrapped selection again and hit word wrap again. If you wrapped a whole item, when you select that...

November 3, 20235
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July 21, 202310
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DataNAV: Please clarify the differences between “Update items” vs “Refresh” vs “Refresh All”

This will be changing a bit with the new iteration of data import in a 2019 release... and we will try to make this more clear in the UI (it is admittedly confusing) but a lot of the concepts will be the...

July 21, 20232
Posted an answer
Access solver by scripting?

Today it's not possible to access Solver functions via script. As you suggested it would be tricky to allow this due to the nature of the way calculations work automatically according to a dependency graph...

January 26, 20235
Posted an answer
Models saved in v22.2 backwards compatible?

Hello all, just wanted to give you the "official" word that the file format has changed with Modeller 22.2 and if you save a file from the new version, it will not open in the previous versions, including...

January 11, 20235
Posted an answer
Is a Quantrix Modeler version for MacOS running natively on M1 platforms currently planned?

Today Quantrix runs on M1 macs using Apple's Rosetta emulator, which happens automatically on install. In our next release (very soon!) we will have a separate, native installer for M1 macs. Thanks!

October 12, 20225
Posted an answer
Support for MacOS running on M1 platforms

Wanted to make sure to follow this post that support for Big Sur and M1 Macs is complete and live in the latest patch version of 21.1

October 27, 20215
Posted an answer
Support for MacOS running on M1 platforms

Hello Lyledp, Thanks for the question. We do not officially support M1 Macs at this time as we don't have any M1 machines to test compatibility. We would be interested in any anecdotal feedback our users...

June 25, 20215
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March 25, 202110
Posted an answer
QDK plugin

Hello Doug, you may get an answer or help with your question here, but I would suggest if you feel this is a bug, please log the issue with Support. The question will get routed to the right person. I...

March 17, 20215
March 17, 202110