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Juan Jose Legarda 43 Rep.
Posted an answer
Script Nested Loop – Data Table in excel

Obviously not. I posted the script because the model Im working on is much more complex. A single formula does not work. I put the example to make it easier. Actually im looking for an IRR resulting from...

December 15, 20185
Asked a question
Script Nested Loop - Data Table in excel

Im trying to replicate the data table functionality from excel with a while nested loop. The idea would be to populate a matrix like this: EV is the result of EBITDA*Multiple. My idea was to define a...

December 3, 20182
Posted an answer
Scenario table like in Excel

what are the modeler permissions? My permission?

October 29, 20185
Asked a question
Scrip to paste values

Hi, Anyone can share a simple script to paste a value in a given cell in the model? I tried something like this: def int Value=3 ((CellSelection) |Matrix1::A1:B1|.getSelection(Value)).paste() I wanted...

October 28, 20182
Posted an answer
Scenario table like in Excel

Thats perfect SAU. still have a problem 🙂 My model doesnt allow me to perform the calculation directly for the table. There many matrixes ad the ouput comes from many calculations in those matrixes....

October 28, 20185
Posted an answer
Scenario table like in Excel

Hi SAU!!!! I attached an excel file to provide you with the output I'm looking for. In the example the calculation is very easy, but in my QM file there many matrixes. My feeling is i) If I define an scenario,...

October 26, 20185
Asked a question
iterative script - solver mimic - circular reference

Im trying to mimic the "Solver" function defining a script which I can run with a button (and not open the solver in my boss' nose hahaha). I have two cells with values ("a" and "b"). I want the difference...

October 24, 20182
Posted an answer
Scenario table like in Excel

Well, Its as easy or difficult as the "data table" function in Excel. I want to run sensitivities, but the "scenario" systema of adding as many rows as scenarios is not an elegant option. I would like...

October 24, 20185
Asked a question
Scenario table like in Excel

I want to build a table like the “data table” in Excel. To calculate different scenarios. i dont like the scenario options of adding a category with different values to calculate the scenario. Example:...

October 19, 20182
October 19, 201810