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Welcome to the Quantrix Answers Community! This is a place for Quantrix users from around the world to share their questions, knowledge, and ideas. If you are posting a question, please include any accompanying information that might be useful to the reader (for example, a demo model or screenshot). Do not include any confidential information in your posts and remember that model attachments must be zipped. If your question is answered, please provide feedback! Providing feedback can help future users understand what’s worked. Thank you for being part of the Quantrix Community!

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Hi Andy, I think category filters are not accessible by script, unfortunately. (As a lot of other interesting features are not, it just seems that most people do not use scripting, so incentive to further...

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Re - Automatic update of Timelines: For the ones using the Timeline - Feature (Solution 3), I found a workaround for automatically define the Year-Range of timelines. While it is true that the properties...

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Hi, I'm just struggeling with a similar problem, wanting to create matrices in a folder structure by script. And yes, it's not possible to read/write the folder structure, or create folders and the like...

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