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Welcome to the Quantrix Answers Community! This is a place for Quantrix users from around the world to share their questions, knowledge, and ideas. If you are posting a question, please include any accompanying information that might be useful to the reader (for example, a demo model or screenshot). Do not include any confidential information in your posts and remember that model attachments must be zipped. If your question is answered, please provide feedback! Providing feedback can help future users understand what’s worked. Thank you for being part of the Quantrix Community!

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I'm a co-founder of Model Metrix, a software and services company that fills the capability void between broken spreadsheet-based processes and less flexible planning and performance management solutions. I focus mostly on marketing, sales and product development. I have about 15 years of experience in the financial modeling and corporate performance management industry. Feel free to email me at dphillips@modelmetrix.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Registered February 3, 2021