Why Do Financial Modelers Choose Quantrix?

Financial modelers from all over the world have picked Quantrix as their software of choice. Here’s why:

Agility, Scalability & Structure.

Usually, when someone is looking for a new software option, it’s because their current solution isn’t working in some way.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some of the common themes we hear during our demos: reducing risk of error, expanding complicated models with greater ease, and enabling people to do their jobs better and more strategically.

Not surprisingly, many of the people we talk to during these demos are using spreadsheets. Although many spreadsheet software options are monetarily low in price, they can be expensive in terms of time. Constant revisioning and formula auditing can pull people away from more meaningful work.

Others we’ve talk to are using (or contemplating using) enterprise planning tools. This category of tools offers little customization, and (in stark contrast to spreadsheets) can be incredibly pricey.

What makes Quantrix different?

Quantrix utilizes natural language formulas. These types of formulas can calculate entire rows and columns and are separated from the structure. This results in fewer total formulas needed in a model, faster calculation times, and easier auditing.

Additionally, with Quantrix Qloud, it’s easy to share models securely online so that everyone can stay updated on any changes.

Scaling a model can be a difficult task, especially when using traditional spreadsheets. Adding a new product, region or year to a model can become overwhelming. That said, Quantrix is designed with growth in mind. New items can be added with one click. Even better, the formulas will continue to work.


Each time I’m thrilled to see how easy it is to incorporate a new element into the model. The model still calculates very efficiently and is very clear and understandable.” [read more]

               Gilbert Hangartner, Risk and Business Modeling Specialist


When presented with large amounts of data, spreadsheets can slow to a crawl. Quantrix offers the ability for users to build structure that can handle even the most complicated of models.


“We needed something that could handle all of that data and do it effortlessly and some of the standard spreadsheet tools just couldn’t keep up.” [read more]

               Nikki James, Global Director


We understand that when you make a purchase, you’re not just buying the software – you’re also joining a community. In addition to our internal support team, Quantrix has a wide network of partners across the globe who can offer expert services.

Getting started with a new software can be a stressful process. But it shouldn’t be! That’s why our customers are always happy to hear that we offer a 6 week Accelerate Program. The program is designed to help new Quantrix users build their first model faster. During the weekly sessions new customers receive coaching, get expert tips, and learn all the best practices.

Learn more about Quantrix Perks!

If your spreadsheet is breaking or encountering any of the common issues listed above, you’re probably a good candidate for Quantrix. We’ve worked with just about every industry and use case. Reach out to see if we can help you too!


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