What’s the Best Modeling Alternative? | Learn How Quantrix is Different

If you’re looking for a new financial modeling tool that allows you to do more, then you’re in the right place!

Although spreadsheet options can be flexible, they’re generally not scalable and may break when confronted with large amounts of data. Additionally, it can be nearly impossible to verify if changes made to your model are accurately mapped throughout the rest of it. If you’ve experienced one of those issues or something similar, you’re likely in need of a replacement.

Introducing Quantrix


Best Quantrix Features:

Real language formulas
Formula suggestions and corrections
Easy drag and drop linked structure & automatic lookups
Automatic data summarization (subtotals, totals, etc.)
 Always-on pivoting without formula errors
 Familiar spreadsheet function library
 Multi-dimensional calculation engine
 Configurable built-in timelines
 Customizable cell formatting
 Visual “map” of cell dependencies and formula tracing
 Unlimited data sources / connections for importing external data
 Data push functionality to send Quantrix data back to enterprise systems
 Granular user permissions
 Unlimited custom user roles
 Audit trail
 No-code app development via Canvas
 Custom Groovy scripting functionality
 Example model templates
 Built-in training models
 Credentials manager for securing data authentication details
 Free access to publish models to Quantrix Public Qloud


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And you can watch our introductory demo below:

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