Top Financial Modeling Software

If you have been using a traditional spreadsheet tool for your financial modeling needs, you may have noticed some limitations. Your models may get too large, you may lose the ability to audit your formulas, or you may just simply get numerous errors. Finding the right replacement is an important decision.

Our last blog entry, Financial Modeling Software Comparison Chart, compared Spreadsheets, Enterprise Planning Tools and Quantrix. All three have pros and cons as well as differing approaches to their agility, scalability, and structure.

The decision you make will depend on your financial modeling goals and your budget.

Decades ago, a new software called Lotus Improv was introduced, which aimed to transform financial modeling away from two dimensional spreadsheets. Quantrix was designed to keep that spirit alive.

Quantrix Modeler

Here are just some of the features that you’ll find when using Quantrix:

Top Financial Modeling Software Features

  • Import and Export Data
  • Always-on Pivoting
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Audit Trail
  • Scripting
  • And Learn About our Natural Language Formulas

Although some spreadsheet options are free (or close to free), there can still be a price to pay in terms of time. With traditional spreadsheets, you can spend countless hours building, maintaining, and auditing your models. The best way to deal with this issue is to use a financial modeling tool that values your time. Our recent webcast highlights how you can Ignore Spreadsheet Structure Rules and Come Out Ahead.

30 Day Free Trial, Personalized Demos, Professional Services

Finding the best Financial Modeling Software for your company can seem overwhelming. We want to change this perception. To make sure that Quantrix is the right fit for your business, we offer a free, fully featured 30 day trial.

You can also reach out to us to set up a personalized demo, where we can show you how Quantrix can work within your business.

We also understand that some customers will need help building their models. For that reason, we can offer professional services. We have a network of expert modelers who can assist your company in building a model that reflects your business.

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