WATCH NOW: Dimension Conference

Our Dimension Online 2021 conference was a big success! The two-day event boasted a variety of exciting presentations for both new and longtime users. In addition to Quantrix-led sessions, we also introduced four professional modelers, who shared stories about their business and how Quantrix was able transform their work.

For those of you who were not able to attend our broadcast, we recorded the sessions and shared them on our Dimension 2021 page.

Here are the sessions you can watch:

  • New Feature Deep Dive
  • Modeling Tips and Tricks
  • Scripting and Formulas
  • Customer Use Case – Nikki James, Johnson Controls
  • Customer Use Case – Carlos Kelly, Uplift, Inc.
  • Customer Use Case – Daniel Valle, Reiter Companies
  • Customer Use Case – Jason Klinghoffer, Mischler Financial
  • Intro to Agile Modeling – Presented by Quantrix

Quantrix is a financial modeling software that allows for greater agility and flexibility. Handle more data, try more scenarios and make better decisions with Quantrix. If your spreadsheets are giving you a headache, there’s a better way. Discover Quantrix today!

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