Model Metrix develops model-based solutions leveraging the power of Quantrix Modeler

Interview with David Phillips, Co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at Model Metrix

At Quantrix, we love it when our partners expand their scope and deliver higher and differentiated value to our shared customers. Case in point is Model Metrix, an energetic firm not only delivering subject matter expertise in financial and operational modeling but also extending the Quantrix platform with custom capabilities and data connectivity. We sat down with David Philips, Co-founder and VP Sales to learn more about their trajectory.

Can you tell us a little about Model Metrix? 

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about Model Metrix.  Steve Bailey and I founded Model Metrix to address the capability void that exists between spreadsheets and less flexible corporate performance management solutions.  Many organizations have high-value modeling and planning processes that are reliant on spreadsheets.  Of course, spreadsheets have well-known risks and are often a siloed, weak link in complex planning and decision-making processes.  We combine the flexibility and power of Quantrix Modeler with data warehouses, business intelligence tools and other technologies to deploy cloud-accessible solutions that address clients’ complex modeling, analysis and reporting needs.  Our team can leverage a client’s existing solution ecosystem or build it for them. Importantly, our solutions can integrate with a company’s corporate performance management system to provide more comprehensive data for budgeting and reporting.

Are you focused on particular vertical markets and services? 

We have strong domain knowledge in a number of verticals and are designing solutions with configurable base models for those markets.  However, many of our offerings are broadly applicable to a host of modeling challenges that a company may face.  In addition to solutions, we also offer a full suite of professional services including model development, optimization, integration, and support. Perhaps more uniquely, we provide managed services in which we maintain and update client models on an ongoing subscription basis.

What other initiatives are you working on? 

We have developed a multi-functional plug-in that provides exciting new ways to extend Quantrix Modeler.  One of the high-value features is the ability to do direct connections with 3rd party data providers.  For example, we have all seen that economic disruption caused by COVID-19 has increased the level of merger and acquisition activity.  In response to that, we initiated a partnership with Intrinio, a leading provider of curated fundamentals and market data, to create a solution that allows growth companies, PE/VC and other organizations to model potential acquisition targets, valuations, the competition, and much more.  Building on that foundation, they can also model the synergies, financial impacts and other outcomes due to an acquisition.  Likewise, investment firms are able to do both modeling and analysis on companies in their portfolio.  It’s a more cost-effective and extensible solution than, for example, a Bloomberg Box.  The plugin also features new functions for science, engineering, statistics and more for non-financial modeling.  The list of capabilities is too long to describe here so I’d encourage Quantrix users to contact us for details and to take advantage of a free trial.

What’s the best way for organizations to learn more about Model Metrix? 

They can visit or email me directly at  I would also encourage people to follow Model Metrix on LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog so they get the latest news and event notifications.

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