Meet the 2019 Conference Speakers – Part 7

Each year during the Quantrix Dimension Conference, attendees take part in Training Sessions and Customer Use Case Presentations. These sessions and presentations are led by incredibly knowledgeable speakers. With unique backgrounds and perspectives, the speakers offer a novel take on the software we all know and love!

In our 7th and final installment of our conference speaker blog series, you will learn about another one of customer use case presenters.

Speaker: Dr. Stuart Ward, Director of Platform and Solutions, IDBS

Stuart is Director of Platform and Solutions and responsible for ensuring that IDBS products meet the needs of customers. He has grown the IDBS Product and Solution Owner team so that it can provide the necessary domain experience required by the agile development teams to create software and solutions which can facilitate R&D.

Before starting this role in January 2014, he was Product Manager for E-WorkBook for four years and worked in IDBS Global Professional Services for five years, responsible for deploying IDBS’ products both from a technical and project management perspective.

Prior to working at IDBS, Stuart completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at the NIH and then worked for Ionix Pharmaceuticals. Stuart obtained his PhD in Pharmacology from the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (University of London)

Talk Title: What benefits does Quantrix Enterprise provide to the Life Science Industry?

In this presentation Stuart will talk about how IDBS uses Quantrix Enterprise in E-WorkBook, which is a scalable R&D scientific data management software solution, used widely in the Life Science industry.

IDBS has taken the Quantrix technology, embedded it into E-WorkBook to provide a seamless user experience and added extra capabilities to meet the needs of both non-regulated and regulated (GxP) domains, for example Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice. This provides the flexibility to meet the changing needs of businesses, and their scientists, whilst making sure that the data collected still has the necessary data integrity to meet intellectual property needs and the needs of regulators. The Quantrix-IDBS partnership delivers a win-win combination!