Meet the 2019 Conference Speakers – Part 3

Each year during the Quantrix Dimension Conference, attendees take part in Training Sessions and Customer Use Case Presentations. These sessions and presentations are led by incredibly knowledgeable speakers. With unique backgrounds and perspectives, the speakers offer a novel take on the software we all know and love!

In this blog series, you will learn about each of the speakers as well as their presentation topics.

Speaker: Steve Bailey, Foreside Group

Steve Bailey will be leading one of the conference learning sessions. He is the founder and principal of The Foreside Group and has been a Quantrix customer, employee and consultant for 16 years. With a wealth of Quantrix knowledge, Steve will discuss variety of topics during his session.

Session Title:

“Steve-isms, Tool Time, and ‘Tales from the Script’”

Steve will focus his time on three topics:

  • Quantrix Theory and Concepts: understanding the five layers of Quantrix and how to use each to your advantage when building a model from scratch.
  • SELECT/USING AS, CASE and SWITCH: adding powerful techniques to make your model easy to maintain and behave like an application from the user’s perspective.
  • Database Integration and Scripting: Making your models work together in an eco-system with easy to create automation.

These sessions offer a valuable learning opportunity. Stayed tuned to our future blogs to learn about the other speakers!