Meet the 2019 Conference Speakers – Part 2

Each year during the Quantrix Dimension Conference, attendees take part in Training Sessions and Customer Use Case Presentations. These sessions and presentations are led by incredibly knowledgeable speakers. With unique backgrounds and perspectives, the speakers offer a novel take on the software we all know and love!

In this blog series, you will learn about each of the speakers as well as their presentation topics.

Speaker: Tahir Tahirov, Smart Modeling Solutions

Tahir Tahirov will be leading one of the conference’s training sessions.

Tahir Tahirov is the Principal of Smart Modeling Solutions and is based in Vienna, Austria. Tahir has over 19 years international business experience in petroleum, energy economics, financial modeling, software implementation, planning, budgeting and project management.  Additionally, he has over 10 years of Quantrix modeling experience in energy, petroleum, construction, cruise port operations and real estate. He also speaks 5 languages.

Training Topic:

Creating a Compelling Canvas and Modeling Football Contracts

Tahir has chosen to focus his training session on two widely applicable areas.   He will demonstrate how to create compelling data visualizations in Quantrix using custom icons and interactive maps to enhance user navigation. Further, in his section entitled: It’s Only a Game, Tahir will showcase the ability of Quantrix to model soccer player contracts and performance.

The Training Sessions offer a valuable learning opportunity. Stayed tuned to our future blogs to learn about the other speakers!