New features in Quantrix Modeler 5.3 boost business model performance

We’re excited to announce that version 5.3 of our Quantrix Modeler desktop modeling and analytics application is now available. This release focuses on fixes in the code base to better support Timeline, which streamlines the process of setting up time-based dimensions in models. It also improves inter-model formulas and models that use deep recursion with multi-threaded calculation. If your business and financial models have these characteristics, you’ll find they perform more quickly and efficiently in Quantrix Modeler 5.3.

Other enhancements include:

Updates to the Quantrix Qloud for online access to multidimensional business models

  • -When a model is checked out from the cloud-based version of Quantrix Modeler, the toolbar save icon automatically saves changes directly back to the Qloud.
  • -The language is simplified on the last page of the Qloud upload wizard.

UI & Formula Improvements

  • -Constrained lists in cells support tab autocomplete functionality.
  • -Status summary bar now displays the result in the color of the number format of the cell selected.
  • -New time-aware function called sublist has been added to aid in ‘rolling’ calculations such as rolling averages.


  • -Scripts now return the items from a selection in another matrix.
  • -New script support for unlinking of categories.
  • -Timeout setting can be applied for scripts

FYI, our last production release was version 5.1, so you may be wondering if you missed a beat.  Version 5.2 was an internal release to support our parent company’s (IDBS) implementation of Quantrix in its E-WorkBook application. You can jump right from 5.1 to 5.3.

How to Update to Quantrix 5.3:

This is a free upgrade for all customers of our version 5 series.

The Help > Update Quantrix feature is not available for this release. Please use Help > About Quantrix to verify your version number. If your version is not, you can download the installers using one the links below:

Quantrix On-Line Support Portal:

Free Trial Form on (Just note in the comments box you are upgrading version 5.3)

If you have multiple computer installations of Quantrix Desktop, it is best to update all installations to the new version at the same time. Also, good data practices dictate taking backups of all your model files prior to using with a new version.

If you have any questions about the upgrade feel free to contact our technical support desk at

Thank you for your continuing support of Quantrix.