People of Quantrix: Dr. Alison Campbell, Lead Support Analyst

Like most software companies, Quantrix offers technical support on its products. But unlike many software companies, the Quantrix help desk is not outsourced to an external provider – it is staffed by employees of our parent company, IDBS, a developer of software solutions for scientific research and discovery. So, when you call for help, you reach a member of our team. Here’s an introduction to one of our Lead Support Analysts, Dr. Alison Campbell.

What is the support team like?

There are 12 of us based in Guildford, England, and we all have a science background. Nine of us have PhDs, and the remaining three have Masters degrees, so we’re probably one of the best-qualified help desks around! My background is in Toxicology and Biochemistry, and I have a PhD in Biomolecular Medicine.

Dr. Alison Campbell

Both Quantrix and IDBS have customers around the world – how do you manage the calls?

We work on a shift basis, and the help desk is open from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM UK time. Everyone is trained in all products, so there is always someone on hand to answer questions on Quantrix. No one has to wait for a specific person. We work closely with the development and testing teams if there is a more complex issue that we haven’t seen before or need extra input on.

What kind of calls do you get?

It varies from simple questions such as, “what does this error mean?” to something more complex where a model doesn’t calculate the way they want. We then step through all of their tables and calculations to see if there is a problem with the software or with the model. In addition to answering calls via the phone, we also publish information in the knowledge base so that people can search for answers.

What happens when you get requests for new features?

We work closely with the Product Manager at Quantrix to pass along any enhancement requests for future releases.

What advice can you give to Quantrix users about how to get the most out of their support experience?

If something’s urgent, fire us up – we are always here to help. We will ask you to send your models so that we can troubleshoot. We do screen-sharing sessions so we can troubleshoot directly on your system. We also do support via email, which is helpful for non-native English speakers. We try to give our customers as many options as possible, and help you in the way that’s best.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not supporting Quantrix and IDBS users?

I just had a baby boy, and I’ve only been back from parental leave for a few months. We like to travel, and have been to Morocco and to Kenya on safari. But travel might have to go on hold for a few years – it’s all about the baby!