Quantrix Customer Montana Associates Featured on Sandhill.com

Quantrix is known for its many uses in business and finance, including for its ability to develop ad hoc scenarios that provide insight for business decision making and for its ability to develop comprehensive business plans and forecasts. But the multidimensional nature of the Quantrix Modeler solution means that it can be adapted to a number of information management applications as well. One case in point is the risk model developed by Quantrix customer Montana Associates that helps companies prepare for legal issues such as e-discovery on their unstructured data. A new article in Sandhill.com provides insight into a new application developed on the Quantrix platform by Montana Associates.

Montana Associates specializes in information management and governance, and consults with Fortune 500 companies and other clients to help them map laws and other requirements against their data sets to create risk models.

According to principal John Montana, Quantrix Modeler “works better for risk models and is more flexible than a purpose-built tool would have been. And it cut our development time by a couple of years.”

Learn more about its new legal compliance tool, Khoste, which was just released as a SaaS product, in this piece by Sandhill.com editor Kathleen Goolsby.