Quantrix for Consultancies

There has been a good discussion in the Quantrix Users Group on LinkedIn as to why consultants continue to use spreadsheets for servicing their clients.  As we all know, spreadsheets continue to be entrenched as a modeling tool in spite of their shortcomings and risks.  As the marketing manager at Quantrix, I speak with a lot of consultants who are interested in using Quantrix to better serve their clients, particularly as they scale up their firms.  Many consultants bring value to their clients through a combination of financial modeling skills and domain expertise.  So naturally, one of the main issues that consultants often bring up is how to protect the intellectual property which is embedded within their model.  When they send a spreadsheet model to a client, they lose control over their IP. One way to address this concern is through user roles and permissions.  With this feature in Quantrix, consultants are able to expose only the parts of the model they wish.  In effect, they are able to deliver a high performance model without showing what’s under the hood.  As we move towards new web-based capabilities in Quantrix, there will be even greater benefits to consultancies in the way they deliver models (and value) to their clients.